Equine Photography Workshop

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We have an exciting range of Andalusian PRE horses organised for the photography day, giving participants the opportunity to capture images of horses at liberty, in-hand and ridden in traditional Spanish turnout.

Next Photography Day in Somerset (near Wellington) : Saturday 23rd September  AND on Sunday 24th September 2023

A fantastic opportunity for portfolio building and practising without the stress or worry of having to supply images to the owner at the end, how often do you get to photograph for the joy of capturing images for you? This day is perfect for that. It is a very relaxed and flexible day, where we try to give you the opportunity to explore new ideas. Plus I am on hand if you do need any assistance or tips on the day.

The itinerary – A day full of photographing at the stud farm with a variety of horses including the yards two stallions, numerous mares and foals.  Plus we try to arrange for some visiting Andalusian horses for variety.  There will be a mixture of in-hand, liberty and ridden images.

Requirements – Any camera is fine, the day is about enjoyment and experimenting.   A DSLR or similar type camera is ideal but not necessary.   We normally recommend a 70-200mm lens if possible to give a good variety of images, anything 100mm or above will be ideal to ensure lens distortion is kept to a minimum.

The workshop is ideal for both enthusiasts and the more advanced photographer wishing to develop their portfolio and skills in equine photography.

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The Photography day is £135 per person and £35.00 is required to guarantee your space.

Limited availability of just 10 people per day to ensure you get the best photographs possible on the day.  A non-refundable deposit is required in order to guarantee your place.

For more details or for any queries, please email info@lisasaint.co.uk

Abanico JL (aka Dumpling)
Embrujo JL
Mares & youngsters
Visiting Horses